18 Aug

Here’s some randomosity for ya! My next post will be the next part in my sorority series. I found some notes I made back when I started that whole thing and you guys, I forgot to tell you SO MUCH STUFF about initiation. Specifically, about the goat. Yes, the goat.

– How do you discipline a 15 month old? Tessa is rotten. She is so strong-willed and will fight you do the death to get what she wants. Sometimes time-out works, but most of the time she just looks at you and says ” ‘Mout?”, runs to the time-out spot and laughs her chubby little head off. Then, if you try to take something away from her she screams bloody murder, will sometimes even hit us and OMG Nolan was an angel and I don’t know how to deal with a baby demon. Last night she hit Hubs, bit Nolan so hard that it broke the skin, but then proceeded to cuddle with me on the couch for 15 minutes while rubbing my shoulder and playing with my hair. She is full of contradictions already and someone please offer to take her in from the ages of 13-19 because I don’t think I can handle Tessa the Teenager.

-Look, don’t get me wrong. She is an angel. She is cute as a button and I want her to be stronger than I am – comfortable with who she is, a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t take shit from anybody. I want that for her. And I’m hopeful that all this acting out now is simply an indication that she is going to be a strong woman. But she just cannot take out every single item from the pantry and leave it on the floor and she cannot rub her daddy’s deodorant all over her face and she absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, walk around carrying the plunger like she is wont to do about 4 times a week. I need to find a way to encourage her free spirit and strength while teaching her limits.

-Farrah on Teen Mom might be the ugliest crier ever, and I may strongly, STRONGLY disagree with her decision to get a boob job, but lord almighty did I cry in this week’s episode when she had to take her daughter to her daughter’s dad’s grave. She has, literally, done all of it on her own and I have a lot of respect for her maturity and strength.

-So last Thursday I went to the grocery store. I was gone for maybe 45 minutes. When I got home and got out of the car, Hubs said “Look at your son.” I look over and Nolan is riding his bike with no training wheels. This was only the second time we had taken them off his bike (the first time only lasted for like 5 minutes and he wanted them back on, and that was months ago) so basically he learned to ride a bike with no training wheels in 45 minutes. Now, he zooms around on that thing like he’s been doing it his whole life. He’s four! I cried. Hubs and Nolan both laughed at me. But MY BABY!!

– Also, he started Pre-K this week which means he starts kindergarten next year and NO. Not going to go there.

– Of course that also means that in a year we’ll be saving approximately $29,837 a month in daycare, so there is that…

– Have you checked out my new blog? Things are picking up and getting exciting over there! And by exciting, I mean totally boring talk about construction loans and waiting and, well, you will probably think it’s really super boring.

-Last week, Temerity Jane linked to my Pink Princesses post. That was so many kinds of awesome, I don’t even know what to say about it. She is one of my favorite bloggers and even though I kind of directed her to the post in my comments on one of her posts, she still took the time to come over and read it and then link to it and OMG. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little starstruck!

-Speaking of being blogger-starstruck, when do you give up trying to forge an online relationship with someone? There are some people I have sent messages to on Twitter, and commented on their blogs, etc., and I just never get a response (which is totally fine-people are busy!) but I just don’t want to cross the line into crazy stalker OMGBLOCKTHISPERSONNOW territory.

– I’ve been on a really great streak with books lately. I think every book but one that I’ve read in the past couple of months has been unputdownable (totally not a word but I like it). I’m thinking of doing a “What I’m Reading” kind of feature here. Is anyone interested in that? Is it too over-done? Are you on GoodReads? If so, come find me!

-Speaking of GoodReads, they have this thing going on called the 2011 Reading Challenge. You basically set a goal for the year for how many books you want to read and they keep track of it for you. I started this a couple of months ago and couldn’t remember everything I’ve read, so it’s bugging me that I know there are more books I’ve read this year and they’re not on my list. But! I’m still ahead by one book and that makes me ridiculously happy. I am such a dork.

-Are you done with this terrible stream of consciousness yet? I am. Except for one thing. I watched TLC’s new show – Outrageous Kid Parties last night and O.M.G. This woman spent OVER $30,000 on her daughter’s SIXTH birthday party. SIXTH. That is… I don’t even. I didn’t spend that much on my wedding. This is everything that is wrong with America.


One Response to “Tidbits”

  1. Life of a Doctor's Wife August 18, 2011 at 4:02 pm #

    1. I love randomosity posts.

    2. I hope someone has an answer to the “forging an online relationship” thing. Because I don’t know. I’ve wondered that same thing. And felt all kinds of lame and sad when someone doesn’t want to be friends with me WAAHHH. And I’m stopping here because going on about this is going to PROVE that I am lame and sad.

    3. If you did a “what you’re reading” post, I would love it. I love books and when the ladies at Princess Nebraska and Mighty Maggie and Everyday Reading do their book roundups, I always love it.

    4. There is no way I am going to make it to 50 books by the end of this year. SIGH. I’m a Reading Challenge Failure and it’s not even the end of the year yet.

    5. That kids’ party show sounds AWFUL. I saw ads for it and I just couldn’t do it. It makes me frothy just thinking about it. Instead, I think I’ll spend my valuable time watching that new Lifetime show “Russian Dolls.” That looks intellectually stimulating, amirite?

    Wish I could comment on the parenting stuff. All I can say is AWWWW, I can’t believe your baby is in pre-K and riding a BIKE!!!

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