Fall TV

7 Nov

I’m an admitted TV junkie. I love it. Always have, always will. I blame my parents, mostly because they didn’t get cable until all of their children were out of the house (jerks) even though we begged them for it, along with our own phone line, which we never got either (jerks), so I have always coveted cable TV. I had to go to friends’ houses to watch South Park and also missed out on a lot of the prime influence of MTV. Seriously, I didn’t watch a full season of Real World until I was in college. Which I consider a personal travesty.

When I went to college and it was included in what I was paying for my dorm, I was ECSTATIC. And I’ve had cable ever since. If something should ever happen in which Hubs and I needed to seriously cut back financially, I’m being totally honest when I say that cable would be cut out only before food and shelter.

Anyway! With all of that (unnecessarily) being said, it should be rather obvious that I love fall TV. So without further ado, I give you my Fall 2011 TV list!

American Horror Story: I love me a good conspiracy or ghost story. I love to be creeped out and looking over my shoulder. I also love stories that border on just believable enough that I could imagine it happening to me. But I don’t like gory or chainsaw-massacre type horror.  American Horror Story, in my opinion, is nearly perfect. It’s the story of a family who moves into a beautiful, old home that is not quite vacant. There are a lot of mysterious not-quite-alive characters roaming around and wreaking havoc on their already not-s0-perfect lives. It’s scary and creepy and compelling and the perfect mix of horror and good storyline. This is probably my favorite show of the season.

The Walking Dead: This one is creepy too, but not as creepy as AHS. It does, however, almost border on too much gore for me, as it does feature people who have been dead for many months walking around looking for live people to eat. So, yuck. But! The characters and storylines are very compelling. It’s basically it’s the story of a post-apocalypse world, in which a super virus has turned most of the population into walking dead meat-eaters and the remaining humans (that are actually alive) are trying to survive. I’m kind of in love with Shane and I think Lori really needs a haircut and Daryl is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters ever.

Homeland: Ok, I’m going to be totally honest here. When we signed up for DirecTV about a year ago, we got one of those deals where we get Starz and Showtime for free. Well, that freebie is up but I still haven’t cancelled it, as was planned, to save us money every month. I can’t do it. Mostly because of Spartacus, which I’ll get to later, but also because of Claire Danes. Homeland follows Carrie (Claire Danes), a CIA agent who’s just a little off her rocker and is convinced that a recently-returned-from-war-after-eight-years-in-captivity-in-the-middle-east POW has been turned into an Islamic extremist and is plotting an attack on the US. She is not at all annoying, as I sometimes find her to be, and is really kind of a tough bitch. The characters are great and the topic is fascinating. Brody creeeeeeps me out, and Mike is hot, and I totally hope Brody’s wife ends up with him.

Hell on Wheels: Guys, I really hope this show lives up to its pilot. The pilot aired last night and I am in looooove. It’s a western, following the story of Cullen Bohannon who, post-Civil War, seeks work building the transcontinental railroad. But he’s really out to avenge the death of his wife. I love historical fiction and this show does a fantastic job bringing to life such a dangerous and tumultuous era in our country’s history. By the end of the show, Hubs, who has very little faith in my choice of TV and movies and was skeptical that this show was going to be as good as I suspected, was mad because it was only the pilot and we didn’t have another episode to watch. Can’t wait to see more.

House: I continue to watch this, although I feel like it’s flailing a little. But I love House’s character and, well, I’m pretty invested now.

The Office: Because, duh. If you’re not watching this, well, I’m not sure we can be friends. I admit that it’s not as good as it was in the first seasons, and I was worried about Steve Carrell leaving, but it seems to be holding up. Dwight and Erin continue to be two of my favorite characters and I love Andy as manager.

Spartacus: I don’t think this is technically a fall show, as it doesn’t premiere until January, but whatever. It’s my favorite. I was heartbroken when Andy Whitfield died. I loved him as Spartacus and he was one of the most attractive men EVER, but, of course, beyond that, he was young, with a family and it’s just all-around really sad. But I have faith that this fabulous show will carry on and be just as violent and sexy and enthralling as the first two seasons. I cannot wait.

So there you have it! Almost 900 words about television. That is … sad. But  mostly awesome.

What about you? Is there anything else I should be watching??


One Response to “Fall TV”

  1. K November 8, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

    I watched the first episode of “American Horror Story” and tried to watch the second but it just scares the pants off me. I can’t hang.

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