Things my husband is going to have to teach our children

20 Nov

because I am totally lacking at every single one of these skills:

1.) How to stand up for what you believe. All of the time, without fail, even when it’s not the cool thing to do, even when it’s hard to say, even when you know it would be easier to pretend to agree with everyone else. Always be unfailingly honest. It may be hard to do in the moment, but telling the truth is the easiest in the end.
2.) How to properly cut grass and use a weed-eater. As in, don’t leave 4-ft. wide chunks of grass uncut or run into the fence with the riding lawn mower.
3.) How to fish. And hunt. And start a campfire.
4.) How to play baseball, soccer, football, and every other sport that ever existed because Chip kicks ass at all of them.
5.) How to have willpower, and how, when you have to make a difficult choice, or change your behavior, you NEVER.GIVE.UP. You don’t have to live with the things about yourself that you’re not crazy about. Change it.
6.) How to drive, but most importantly, how to park.
7.) How to paint (even though I swear I’m a really good painter, but Hubs disagrees), how to hang a picture and how to change a tire.
8.) How to work hard, and don’t do anything half-ass.
9.) You can teach yourself almost anything by trial and error, even if it means multiple trips to Lowe’s, a crying wife, very creative cuss words, and lots and lots of beer.
10.) How to be proud of who you are. Even when you’re different, don’t make any apologies for it, and especially don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

One Response to “Things my husband is going to have to teach our children”

  1. Life of a Doctor's Wife November 21, 2011 at 11:07 am #

    Happy sigh. This is lovely. He sounds like a really wonderful guy. No wonder you chose him to spend your life with!

    Mix in all those good qualities with all of yours, and your kids are set!

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