4,329,209 …

30 Nov

is the number of questions Nolan has asked me in the past three days. Seriously. I thought the “Why?” stage was bad but oh ho ho! NO. Now he just asks more complicated and confusing versions of “Why?”

As a 4-almost-5 year old he’s starting to try to figure things out and simple answers like “Because God made it that way.” or “That’s just the way it is! Oh, look, a doggy!” don’t work anymore. Here are some examples of questions he’s asked me lately:

[After asking what our driveway is made out of] “Well, I don’t think concrete sounds like a real word, so what is it really called?”

“How do we get money?”

[After my explanation of how we get money] “Well, how do we pay for things?”

[After I tried to explain how a debit card works, which is harder than you might think] “So, like, the store takes our money from the card and then gives it back?” Oh, I wish kid.

“Why do you tell me you love me so much?”

“Why is going to school important?”

“What are those things called?” Me: “What things, bud?” Nolan: “You know mommy, those THINGS.” Me: “Uhhhh…”

[After passing the courthouse which I one explained as the place where people go when they’ve done something bad or can’t work out a fight with another adult] “Why do some people have to go to that place to go to jail?”

[After driving down a road that was closed to all traffic except local traffic, which we are] “Mommy, those construction signs mean the road is closed and you drove through them. That was wrong. Are the police offiders [and if anyone ever tells him the correct way to say this, I will die] going to come find us?”

[After looking at the frost on my car this morning] “Mommy, why are there snow flags [Again, if anyone ever tells him the correct way to say this, I will die] on your car?”

[After the defrosters had been on for a while and the frost was staring to melt] “Mommy, why is there water on the car, but it’s not raining?”

“Why does Jackson get to wear his hair cool [Jackson has a mohawk] everyday and I don’t?”

And here I started to write the exchange we had this afternoon about the duplex we’re building and how people are going to pay us to live there, but it was so difficult to explain that I can’t even articulate it here. Sometimes I forget that the things I just understand, automatically, because I’m an adult are completely new and foreign to him.

Are you exhausted just reading that? I mean, on one hand I think it’s awesome that he is so curious about his world and wants to figure out what everything means. On the other hand, well … I’m exhausted.


6 Responses to “4,329,209 …”

  1. beckyday6 December 1, 2011 at 5:49 am #

    Aha, this made me laugh so much! Great post 🙂

  2. Life of a Doctor's Wife December 1, 2011 at 8:55 am #

    SNOW FLAGS? I love that so very much. I want to write a poem with that phrase in it.

    He sounds exhausting – but what a smart, curious, adorable kid! I am sure you’re giving him great answers. I love the way you described the court house! That seems so simple but so true!

  3. Heather December 1, 2011 at 9:27 am #

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Seriously some laugh out loud funny stuff here, lady! My response to Mr. Curious (so stinking cute!) would be:

    “Nolan, that’s why mommy has you go to school everyday. They will teach you about all of this stuff as you grow older. That’s how mommy knows so much.”


  4. Eva December 1, 2011 at 12:43 pm #

    I’ve got a kid about that age too. It’s so funny when you’ve explained something and you think ‘she finally understands!’ and then she says something to show that she doesn’t. At all! Gotta love it. I don’t remember learning all the stuff I know to be a grown-up but I do remember being confused at times as a kid.

  5. Ryan December 2, 2011 at 2:46 pm #

    I think this will actually be one of the things that I enjoy most — when they’re smart enough to know to ask more and want to know more, I’ll be happy to tell them. I know I questioned EVERYTHING as a child, so I’m sure my kids will stick me with some retribution when the time comes.


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